The Care Assist Program (CAP) offers a comprehensive and proactive patient centered approach to a patient’s outpatient surgery experience with transitional care assistance before and after an elective, outpatient procedure.

Patient engagement begins at the time a surgical procedure is scheduled for the outpatient setting of a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. A patient’s engagement with the CAP program ensures the pre surgical needs of the patient are met and optimal utilization of the patient’s contracted provider and surgical facility network is achieved. While there are times it is not feasible to access in-network services, helping patients navigate the complexities of their benefits to ensure they are making informed decisions about services creates a better healthcare experience for both the patient and health plan.

The CAP program post-surgical support service continues for up to 30 days from the date of procedure collaborating with the patient, their support system, and community providers as needed to promote continuity of care and a facilitate a smooth and expeditious post surgery recovery.

The Care Assist Program (CAP) program aims to ensure that patients are following outpatient treatment plans including appointments, medications and other services which ultimately results in fewer overall complications, a better quality of life for both the patient (and their support system) and a faster return to work for employed individuals.

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