The healthcare industry comprises 17.3% of the nation’€™s Gross Domestic Product and represents over $8,000 in annual spend per U.S citizen. Government program’€™s fund nearly half of all healthcare expenses, while private insurance comes in at one third and the remaining is largely covered by individual consumers.


Improving the quality of healthcare, while keeping it affordable has a vital impact on all stakeholders. Healthcare reform is pushing for Plans and Employers to provide more coverage and hospitals are facing increased financial penalties for poor outcomes. In order for healthcare providers, Plans and Employers to adapt effectively to the ongoing changes, deploying innovative programs will be critical in achieving long term sustainability and success in the industry.


IHD programs are designed to meet the unique needs of Self Funded, Commercial Plans, Federal/State Plans and Medicare HMOs. We recognize that the complexities of patient mix and utilization trends that our clients face are distinctly different. Our programs offer solutions to navigating the complex delivery system of each specific client. We are not replacements to existing services in the market such as case management, rather, our model is designed to complement these resources, while collaborating seamlessly with existing third party vendors.


Hospitals are not immune to these changes. Facilities are facing increasing scrutiny, met with ongoing challenges in order to comply with CMS regulations. This has created a need for additional resources directed at streamlining hospital care and decreasing readmissions. Penalties for readmissions create a unique challenge many hospitals face when attempting to effectively impact what happens after a patient has been discharged.IHD provides an essential individualized and comprehensive component of discharge coordination that hospitals have historically been unable to efficiently deliver.


The services that IHD offers are unique, and result in aligned incentives and partnerships which yield a high rate of return for all of our clients. We are committed to providing all of our clients a consistent, results orientated product that will assist in improving efficiencies in the healthcare delivery system.