Innovative Healthcare Delivery was founded in 2012, with the goals of addressing barriers to care and reducing costs by helping patients get the right care at the right time. We provide a unique service that is currently unmet in most of the healthcare environment, connecting directly with patients to help streamline their recovery, utilizing a non-clinical approach. We ensure patients understand and follow discharge instructions, have and take medications, and we reduce time to follow-up appointments for effective transitions of care. We identify social determinants of health barriers to improve quality of life and medical outcomes.


To simplify and personalize the healthcare experience, address social determinants of health, improve health outcomes, reduce hospital utilization, and lower costs.


Innovative Healthcare Delivery is a certified woman-owned business comprised of dedicated and compassionate team members who each bring their personal and family experiences to patient advocacy. Our people have a passion for teaching and helping patients know what resources are available to them and how to navigate the complex health system so it works better for them and improves their overall quality of life.