Did you know?

In 2012, the National Health Expenditures were roughly $2.8 trillion, which is 18% of the U.S.A  GDP. Expenditures are expected to grow 4% in 2013.1


In addition,


Patients are not prepared at Discharge:

  • 58% are unable to state the purpose of their meds2
  • 63% are unable to state their diagnosis2

Discharge orders are not followed:

  • 25% of discharged patients require additional outpatient workups, of which 1/3 are never completed3

Pending Tests not followed:

  • 41% of inpatients discharged with a pending test result4
  • 37% actionable and 13% urgent4
  • 2/3 of physicians unaware of results4

Physicians are not informed:

  • Only 12%-34% of physicians treating a patient after hospital discharge had a copy of the patient’€™s hospital discharge summary.5