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IHD’s Patient-Centered Care Approach to Help Fill

Gaps in Healthcare Reform

Pioneering Care Model Proves Effective in Driving Double-Digit Reduction in Hospital Readmissions


Las Vegas (September 23, 2013) – Las Vegas-based Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IHD) is breaking new ground with patient-centered care models that support and complement the role of hospitals, plans and payers. The organization’s Transitional Care Program and Care Assist Program are helping providers accomplish what has been nearly impossible for the healthcare system to achieve: a patient-focused approach that improves the quality and efficiency of the healthcare delivery system.


“There have been cracks in the healthcare delivery system for some time, but as the industry continues to change, we’€™re seeing gaping holes that will lead to additional industry costs and poor patient care,€ said Shelli Lara, President and Founder of IHD. €œBy working closely with patients from the point of discharge throughout their recovery period to ensure prescriptions are filled, discharge instructions are followed, doctor appointments are set and so on, IHD can help providers and payers improve patient care and save money by reducing readmission numbers.


IHD’s patient-focused approach is working. Industry averages suggest that 34% of all patients are readmitted to acute care hospitals within 90 days of treatment. However, a recent year-over-year comparison study shows IHD programs reduced readmissions to hospitals by 52%. The IHD study’s preliminary findings also point to an overall reduction in healthcare costs and better recovery results for patients.


“IHD has become a valued partner,€ said Pierre King, chairman for the Clark County Firefighters Security Trust Fund. €œTheir dedication to helping our members navigate a confusing healthcare system has been vital in helping us reduce our re-admission rates and associated costs.”


IHD was founded in 2011 by Shelli Lara, a healthcare veteran with experience managing a $300 million health fund. The organization’s programs assist employers, self-funded plans, federal plans, fully insured plans and hospitals in providing quality healthcare to patients in the most cost-effective way possible. IHD provides tools that help navigate and coordinate care for both inpatient and outpatient settings to ensure patients recover from their incident and avoid additional unnecessary hospital visits.


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Innovative Healthcare Delivery was founded on the belief that improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare delivery system reduces overall healthcare costs while fostering a better experience for patients.  At the core of Innovative Healthcare Delivery’€™s services is a patient-centered delivery system that supports quality outcomes, aims to Engage, Educate, and Empower patients, and aligns physician incentives that support this process. Its services are designed to complement existing resources available in the market and foster a comprehensive approach to patient care through a cohesive delivery system.  For more information, visit