Care Assist Program (CAP)

The Vitals

  • Post Operative complications can increase costs up to 54% per case1
  • Health literacy impediments cost the healthcare system $238 billion annually2
  • Poor medication adherence results in $290 billion in medical expenses annually3

The Care Assist Program

Our program was developed to ensure pre and post operative care coordination for patients receiving elective outpatient surgery, by reducing potential barriers to care and increasing patient awareness.

Core Commitment

IHD believes in the value of a proactive approach and is committed to providing real time support to patients and their families allowing them the best opportunity for recovery.

Care Assist Model

Our model is based on a comprehensive and proactive patient centered approach to healthcare delivery that begins before surgery and continues through post operative treatment. In order to facilitate a smooth recovery, early intervention and care coordination is initiated prior to surgery. Adopting a progressive management strategy for elective surgeries reduces disruptions in post operative care, identifies barriers to accessing care, and adds a layer of support to patients that is currently missing in the outpatient setting.