“Local 525 has been fortunate enough to have Innovative Healthcare Delivery as a navigating tool for our Health and Welfare Trust, but much more than that, a friend to our membership; a proven friend that can help our members in their times of uncertainty. When our members are weighed down with the mental burden of illness, IHD lightens the load with their hands on caring approach.”


Victor T Sendlein
Business Manager,
Plumbers, Pipefitters, & HVAC/R Technicians


“€œFrom a patient standpoint IHD has brought value to our health fund by ensuring continuity of care, by steering patients to our clinic and by closely managing our acute cases. IHD’€™s representatives have worked diligently with our own patient advocates to make sure there are no gaps in care; resulting in a comprehensive solution like no other.”


Stacey Stasso
Laborers Local 872 Health and Wealthfare Fund


“IHDhas become a valued partner due to their dedication and expertise in helping our members navigate a difficult and confusing healthcare system. The services they provide have helped our Trust reduce our re-admission rates and the costs associated with them.”


Pierre King
Clark County Firefighters
Security Trust Fund


Industry Leaders

“Innovative Health Delivery is very appropriately named. Their programs provide an innovative approach to health care cost containment, particularly for self-funded plans, and should be part of any plan’s portfolio for cost management. At American Health Holding, providing a good experience for plan members while preserving plan assets, is our mission and IHD helps up achieve this.”


Paul Lavin
President & CEO
American Health Holding, Inc.


“€œThe inability of insured patients to navigate not only their own healthcare program, but that of the hospital system can be extremely frustrating and costly to both the member and the health plan. Innovative Healthcare Delivery’s unique approach assists the member with navigating the system. The value of this program increases the overall outcomes of the patient and has a direct effect on the cost savings for both the health plan and the member.”


Kevin Hooks
Managing Partner
The Virtuous Group


“€œWith the collaboration and commitment this organization provides,my patients are smarter, safer and happier with IHD in their life.”


Dr. Michael Crovetti
President and CEO
Outpatient Surgery Recovery Suites



“€œThe constant contact was great!  They called to check on you and always answered any questions. ”


“It was an overall great experience. What made me at ease was when they came to the hospital to visit me. They talked to my case manager and kept me informed of what was going on.”


“I would tell my friends that my experience with IHD was fantastic and comforting to know that someone was there and they had your back.”


“€œThey were my advocate. The process from start to finish can get confusing and overwhelming, but with IHD’€™s help, things calmed down. It was definitely a benefit.”


“I am glad these services are available. It was comforting to have someone to check on me.


“IHD helped with appointments, prescriptions and getting authorization. I could not have done it without the help. It relieved a lot of stress and pressure off me and my wife. All the help allowed me to focus on getting better.”


“€œI have shared my experience with IHD with my co-workers. IHD has been helpful, patient and caring.”


“€œKnowing that Mandy was taking care of my medical needs took the stress off and I was able to recover worry free.”


“€œThe time and effort Mandy spent making sure I had my medications and DME equipment was great.”


“€œI believe this program should be a requirement for any one having an Ortho procedure.”