Self-Insured Client

Medicaid Patient

“With Innovative Healthcare Delivery, it’s hands-on and there’s a value of having an individual in your home or in your hospital room that you can look directly in the eye and ask questions and have them get the answers if they don’t already have them.”

- IHD Client

“We’ve looked at the cost savings so you can see how many people are going through ERs. A lot prior to, and after and we’ve seen those numbers drop off dramatically.”

- IHD Client

“My heart fills with warmth and pride to know that we have the IHD team out in the field to help our members.”

- Regional Director, Care Management

“IHD has become a valued partner. Their dedication to helping our members navigate a confusing healthcare system has been vital in helping us reduce our readmission rates and associated costs.”

- Self-Funded Chairman of the Trust

“This is an example of innovation, and if you are not doing it, you should be.”

- National Medical Director of a Large National Plan